Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bangalore Conference

When Sri Lanka President J.R. Jayawardene came to Bangalore to participate in the SAARC annual conference, Pirabaharan who was in Tamil Nadu was taken there along with his political advisors to hold talks with him. Indian government informed Pirabaharan about President Jayawardene’s proposal to give the Northern province to the Tamils, but divide Eastern province into three parts among Tamils, Muslims, and Sinhalese.

Pirabaharan rejected this proposal out of hand as completely unacceptable. He asked “ When we are demanding the merger of North and East into one, how could we then accept the proposal to divide two into four?”

It was at this Bangalore conference that Jayawardene via the Indian government made an offer to make Pirabaharan the Chief Minister of the Northern Province.

To this offer Pirabaharan gave a fitting reply “This is a deceptive and a dubious trap conceived to exterminate the Tamil race. Chief Minister is a puppet post which the President could dismiss at his own whim and fancy. It is a post with no substantial powers in which you cannot render any meaningful service to the people at all.” He rejected the offer out of hand with the contempt it deserved.

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