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On September 1, 1991 BBC London correspondent Chris Morris had an interview with the Tamil National Leader Pirabaharan. During this interview Pirabaharan said,

“First and foremost the Sinhalese people must recognize the basic principles underlying the national problem of the people of Tamil Eelam. They are, recognition of the Tamil Homeland, recognition that Tamil people constitute a Nation and the Tamil people right to self-determination. Only on the basis of this recognition can peace and amity prevail between the two races. We never force our young men to join the fighting force. The truth is because of the oppression of the Tamil people through state terrorism and its impact on our society, our youths are voluntarily joining the LTTE. Many parents bring their children, both boys and girls, to join our fighting forces at our public meetings. We are providing such young children schooling facilities and give them training in various vocations. We never send young children to the battlefront.”

LTTE Women Organization
In the beginning of 1984 for the first time those girls who gave indirect support to the LTTE started to contribute their share in the liberation war spearheaded by the LTTE. With the approval of Tamil Eelam National Leader Pirabaharan they were given training in the use of fire-arms. When the Indo-Tamil Eelam war broke-out on October 10, 1987 they directly joined the war front. Upto now they are fighting bravely accomplishing many feats of valour.

In a message given by the National Leader Pirabaharan related to the Women Wing, he said,

Women constitute a majority among the Tamil population. If they continue to lead a servile life, it will be difficult to transform our freedom struggle into a national liberation movement. Realizing this fact our movement gave top priority for women’s liberation. Women were politicised and made to join our fighting forces. By this we ushered in a gigantic revolution among women in Tamil society. A revolution that never took place in the annals of Tamil history has taken place in Tamil Eelam. Women consigned to the kitchen from time immemorial now bear arms and don army uniform. Today the women folk which remained dormant for a long time. Now it has awakened fully and stands as an important arm of a mighty revolutionary force. Our women fighters by their brave accomplishments have proved to the world that they are in no way inferior to men fighters in bravery, sacrifice, and thirst for freedom.”

LTTE Students Organization
The future of a country always depends on its younger generation. Therefore, it is imperative that this generation must be brought up as intelligent, efficient and responsible citizens. To meet that goal, it is very important that we give them proper education. Towards this end LTTE Students Organization was formed on the orders of our leader.

Sea Tigers

When we trace the growth of the armed struggle, one can observe very clearly the indispensable part played by the surrounding sea of Tamil Eelam. Knowing this historical importance, our leader Pirabaharan formed the ‘Sea Tigers’ as a division of the LTTE in 1984. Today the Sea Tigers have grown in strength as to pose a challenge to the Sri Lankan navy. On March 01, 1992 Women Wing of the Sea Tigers was formed. Women Wing’s feats of chivalry are on par with that of their male counter-part.

Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO)
Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) was formed in 1985. Regarding its necessity Leader Pirabaharan said,

“People of Tamil Eelam are facing two battle fronts. One front is the liberation of our homeland from the invading Sinhalese armed forces. The other front is the production of food to counter the tyrannical economic blockade of the Sinhalese chauvinistic government. Just as the heart regulates the blood circulation and helps the body to conquer diseases, so also the TRO should increase food production which is the life-blood and foundation for the final victory of the liberation of Tamil people.”

The growth of TRO in Tamil Eelam has helped many families to be self-employed with out depending on relief assistance.

Tamil Eelam Economic Development Organization (TEEDOR)
On May 6, 1994, our leader after honoring and giving awards to the best farmers of Tamil Eelam said,

“Tamil Eelam is a fertile land gifted with many natural resources. It possess water, land and human resource potential enough to achieve economic self-sufficiency and development. Nature’s gift of resources must be identified and put to maximum use. Production must be increased to meet the economic needs of the people by careful planning and research. Agriculture and industry are the pivotal bases for economic development and growth. As such we should concentrate our energies on developing agriculture and industry. To achieve this goal ‘Tamil Eelam Economic Development Organization (TEEDOR) has launched several productive projects. All these activities must be intensified further so that an independent Tamil Eelam will not have to depend on other countries, but stand on its own legs economically.”

Black Tigers – Men of Steel
Black Tigers are men of steel in their determination to achieve their goal of Tamil Eelam. In a statement National Leader Pirabaharan issued to mark the occasion of Black Tigers’ Day on July 5, 1993, he said,

“The era of Black Tigers began with Capt. Miller. A fighting force imbued with the spirit of supreme self-sacrifice unheard and unseen in the annals of history anywhere in the world before came into existence in Tamil Eelam.. These Black Tigers are of miracle birth and a class by themselves. They are of gentle heart but with iron will. Their love of humanity is so great they sacrifice their dear lives so that others may live. In the words ‘Black Tiger’ , black stands for iron will and unshakable resolve. Looked at another angle, it can also signify darkness which symbolizes secretiveness and mystery. Hence, the word Black Tiger can have many meanings and many interpretations. It is this secretiveness which is the prime factor for their decisive operational victories. This is an era of Black Tigers. During this era our liberation struggle will assume new dimensions. These warriors who have conquered death will create new history and light the torch for the dawn of freedom of our future generations.”

March 8 Womens’ Day
On Mach 8, 1992, on the occasion of the World Women’s Day in Pirabaharan issued a statement. In that statement he said,

“When we talk about the freedom of women we refer to their freedom from political oppression and economic exploitation. So our struggle for the liberation of women is advanced on multi-dimensional fronts viz. national liberation, societal liberation, and economic liberation. This is not a struggle against oppression of men over women, but an intellectual fight against ignorance about male chauvinism. As such this ideological struggle must have the aim of changing the hearts of men.”

Tamil Eelam Military Academy
In a message to commemorate the first anniversary of the Tamil Eelam Military Academy sent on September 19, 1991 Pirabaharan said

“ The Tamil Eelam Military Academy is one of my dreams. A new and younger generation of youths should blossom out as the future architects of my country. This new and revolutionary generation should consist of persons who are able, intelligent, patriotic, brave, sincere and modesty. Only this generation should emerge as the architects, administrators and rulers of our country.”

Chencholai Kids Club
On instructions from leader Pirabaharan, the Chencholai Kids club was inaugurated on October 23 1991 to take care of girls who had lost their parents and/or guardians. On this occasion, he sent a message which read,

“Under the environment of a historic war of liberation we are planting these young seeds at Chencholai campus. It is my desire that these young seeds must take deep roots and grow up one day as an intellectual reservoir of Tamil Eelam I convey my greetings for this revolutionary venture to thrive well and prosper.”

The Tamil Eelam Police Force(TEPF)
On November 1991, Pirabaharan officially inaugurated the Tamil Eelam Police Force committed to serve the security interests of the Tamil people. The TEPF came under the direct control and supervision of leader Pirabaharan. Outlining the activities of the TEPF Pirabaharan said,

“Members of the police force will always be men of exemplary conduct, honesty, fairness, and discipline. They will serve as people’s servants with a high sense of commitment to ensure social justice and social progress. They will move with people with a spirit of love and dignity in tune with our culture. They will be completely free of all anti-social crimes and serve the people with patriotic feeling, all the 24 hours of the day. The aim of our police force is not to catch the criminals and bring them to courts to be tried, but mainly to work with all their might to prevent crimes from being committed in the first place. Thereby they will work towards the goal of building up a crime-free social order in Tamil Eelam.”

Note - It is important here to remember that the Tamil Eelam Police force started their training on June 1, the day when the Sinhalese police set fire to Jaffna Public Library and burnt it down to ashes.

Inspecting Police Recruits Parade
Tamil Eelam PoliceLTTE Art and Cultural Organization
Our language, art and culture have taken deep root in our soil of Tamil Eelam for a very long period in the history of the Tamils. Our arts and cultural heritage are the very soul of our motherland. Keeping this basic truth in mind the first “Muththamizh Celebration” was conducted by the LTTE art and cultural organization on July 15, 1992. In a statement sent to this celebration Tamil national leader Pirabaharan said this,

“Today it has become imperative to transform our liberation struggle into an people’s struggle in which the entire people of Tamil Eelam should take an active part and from this very broad base we have to build up our national resistance movement which has become an unavoidable and undispensable historic necessity. To fulfill this enormous objective, the creative activities of our art and literary men should play the most important part.”

Broadcasting Service –Voice of Tigers
On the first anniversary of the Voice Tigers Radio, Tamil National Leader Pirabaharan sent his felicitations in which he stated,

“ A vicious and malicious propaganda campaign has been unleashed against us by our enemy, the Sinhalese government, and its mercenary Tamil treacherous groups. Hence, the Voice of Tigers should stand up and act as the voice of truth in countering enemy’s false ideological war. The Voice of Tigers should resound as the war drum of “Sathiya Yuththam” (“War of Truth”).”

Education Development Board of Tamil Eelam
On February 13, 1993, Tamil Eelam National Leader Pirabaharan issued a statement congratualating the students who came out successful in the Tamil Eelam General Certificate of Education Examination conducted by the Educational Development Board of Tamil Eelam. In this statement he said,

“Education is very essential for the growth of humanity and social development. In fact it is the root of human development. We never showed any discrimination between those who opted to dedicate themselves for the social emancipation of our community and the right of students to carry on their education. Both are indispensable for the progress and smooth functioning of our society. Today the combination of education and war have become a historic necessity. As much as war is an armour for education, so is education a shield for war. Today in Tamil Eelam, education remains in a state of neglect.

The Sri Lankan government is willfully neglecting the education of the children of Tamil Eelam. Our students have to study against heavy odds, hardships and insurmountable difficulties. In spite of all the hardships and obstruction when our students prepare for their examinations their examination are not conducted as scheduled. When examinations are held, the Sri Lankan armed forces disturb and disrupt the peace. Only after surmounting such difficulties that our students sit for their examinations. Under these circumstances our Tamil Eelam educational development board has successfully conducted the Tamil Eelam General Certificate of Education Examination which is equivalent to the G.C.E O/L examination successfully. I commend this effort with all my heart and also at the same time congratulate all those students who passed this examination.”

The Law College of Tamil Eelam
In his address at the Law College of Tamil Eelam on January 25, 1993 Tamil Eelam National Leader Pirabaharan said,

“We are now moving forward to our goal of an independent state of Tamil Eelam. We must lay the foundation for such a state from now itself. Because judiciary is the most important arm of the state administrative machinery we are giving the best training to you, our liberation fighters. In the administration of justice, the role of judiciary is important. Only those who possess integrity, morality, compassion and self-discipline should man the judiciary. In the beginning we created “Reconciliation Boards”, but you are aware that it committed many mistakes. The judgments given by this body came for criticism and adverse comments by the people. Judgments were not rendered in an un-selfish, impartial and fair manner. A justice system consisting of members drawn from the LTTE, which has a reputation for discipline and order, will be the foundation for a strong government and a highly disciplined society. Only when social justice is nurtured properly can society rise to new heights.”

Swearing in ceremony of Judges and Lawyers of Tamil Eelam
The following is the address by Tamil Eelam National Leader Pirabaharan at the swearing in ceremony of the judges and lawyers of Tamil Eelam Justice Department on August 19, 1993. He said,

“Our people believe fully that if liberation fighters took responsibility for the administration of justice system, they will ispense justice with fairness. People think so because they know fully well that their precious lives for their noble cause of the liberation of their motherland. Therefore, the people are really happy. At this memorable occasion when you, the liberation fighters are taking oaths to shoulder this sacred responsibility, I am confident that you will discharge your duties with integrity and impartiality to fulfill the great expectation of the people. It is said that what you learn is like a handful of sand and what is not learnt is as large as the universe. As such try to learn much from worldly experience. You will receive sound knowledge of men and matters only through personal experience. Try to understand the aspirations of our people, remove all contradictions and mete out justice to them with partially from a completely neutral stand. Of course you will meet with difficulties when you discharge your duties justly and honestly. But never severve from the path of truth and justice for which have iron determination and strong willpower together with extreme boldness.”

Taking of Oath by Judges and Lawyers of the Justice Department of Tamil Eelam
Tamil Eelam National Leader Pirabaharan spoke at the swearing –in- ceremony of the Judges and lawyers of Tamil Eelam Justice Department which took place on August 19, 1993. He said,

“Our people fully expect that when our liberation fighters assume the responsibilities of judges and lawyers, they will weigh the issues and mete out justice dispassionately and fairly. People know fully well that our fighters are those who are prepared to lay down their lives for a noble cause. Therefore, people feel happy when you assume responsibility for the justice system.

I am therefore confident that you will discharge your duties with integrity and responsibility in fulfilling the great expectation of our people. It is said that what we learn is just a handful of sand and what is not learnt is as large as the universe. On this basis you should strive to learn from your worldly experience. Only through personal experience you can acquire full knowledge. You should consider it your duty to understand the feelings of our people, resolve their contradictions and dispense justice to them. There will be always difficulties when you discharge your duties justly and honestly. But never waver from the path of truth and justice when you perform your duties. For that you should possess an iron will and courage.”

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