Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Suthumalai Declaration

LTTE leader Pirabaharan explained clearly the political stand taken up by the LTTE about the Indo-Sri Lankan Accord at a historically important mammoth gathering of several thousands of Tamils at Suthumalai on 4 August 1987. In the presence of Indian Army personnel, newspaper reporters and the people of Tamil Eelam he explained the LTTE position thus:

“Today we are handing over the arms we took for the liberation and emancipation of our people to the Indian Government. From this very moment of surrendering our arms we are also entrusting the safety of our people in the hands of the Indian government. When the Indian government takes over the arms served as a shield and the only protection of our people, it is also taking over the great responsibility to protect the people of Tamil Eelam. The handing over of our arms only signifies this exchange of responsibility. At this juncture if we do not surrender our arms, a very unfortunate situation will arise whereby we will be forced to clash with the Indian Army. We do not want this unfortunate situation to arise under any circumstances. I am fully convinced that an independent state of Tamil Eelam is the only permanent solution to the problems faced by the Tamil people of Tamil Eelam. I will continue the struggle politically for this goal of Tamil Eelam. In the interest of our Tamil people, circumstances might compel LTTE to take part in the interim council or contest elections. But I will not participate in any election at any time. I want to announce this categorically here and now.”

After this, on the orders of Pirabaharan, LTTE cadres began handing over their weapons to the Indian Army at Palaly Military Camp.

But Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi failed to keep his promises he gave to Pirabaharan. Instead he kept on procrastinating and skilfully inducted the other Tamil traitor groups based in India into Tamil Eelam and directed them to engage in anti -LTTE and anti-Tamil activities.

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