Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chapter 2: Tamil Eelam War 1 (August 1984 - July 1987)

Jolted by the July 1983 pogrom that was engineered and executed by the Sri Lankan government against the Tamil people, large number of young men and women joined the LTTE. The ranks of the LTTE swelled many-fold. Guerilla formations multiplied. Under these conditions, Pirabaharan with the objective of converting these formations into a uniformed revolutionary people's army took steps to expand their political and military activities. So from July 1983 to February 1984, Pirabaharan temporarily suspended all military operations and instead drew up mass training programs and expanded both political and military structures.

Thys the turning point in Tamil Eelam freedom struggle commenced with the genocide of July 1983. During this critical period Pirabaharan stood like the eye of the storm against all odds, proving himself equal to all opposition. He easily emerged as the only great leader to take Tamil people’s liberation struggle successfully forward.

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