Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Martyrdom of Mother Poopathy

When Tamil women unfolded the flag of revolt against the Indian invading army, Mother Poopathy of Maddakkalappu in South Tamil Eelam started a fast unto death putting forward two demands:

1.Stop the war; and
2.Start negotiations with the LTTE .
But Premier Rajiv Gandhi who lauds Gandhian non-violent principles pooh-poohed her fast. Mother Poopathy sacrificed her life and became a Martyr on April 19, 1988. Tamil Eelam National leader Pirabaharan issued a statement eulogizing her noble sacrifice. He said:

"Among the Martyrs who created history by sacrificing their precious lives in the cause of our sacred war of liberation of Tamil Eelam, Mother Poopathy secures an exalted place. She who renounced her life as an ordinary woman, a mother, head of a family and desires sacrificed her very life for the empowerment of her people and the liberation of her race. The war of non-violence she launched against the tyranny of the Indian army had made the land of Gandhiji bow down its head in shame! She did not die as an ordinary human being. Her supreme sacrifice raises her as the symbolic awakening of the motherhood of Tamil Eelam."

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