Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kantharuban Arivucholai

On November 13, 1993, National Leader Pirabaharan inaugurated Kantharuban Arivucholai. In his inaugural address he said, “Mother Tamil, who is the common mother for all of us, has embraced all these children. All our fighters are the brothers of these children. They have become an inseparable part of the LTTE family. Going beyond individual family, beyond its circle of relations these children will grow up as members of a much wider family. They will in future become the architects of our country. The environment in which they are growing up love of their land and affection for the people will take deep root in their minds. Endowed with such noble qualities they will receive good education and become the builders of our nation ready to be of service to our people. On one hand we are fighting to redeem our land of Tamil Eelam and on the other hand we are engaged in social programmes and projects to uplift children. But for all these schemes to succeed, the society must wholeheartedly co-operate with us.”

Note - Kaantharuban was a youngster who voluntarily joined the movement after he lost his parents and had no one to support him. Later he sought permission from the LTTE leader and became a Black Tiger. He attained martyrdom. Kantharuban had one last wish which he confided to our leader thus “I was an orphan, but you took me into the fold of the LTTE family and made me somebody. Same way please take all the orphans of Tamil Eelam and redeem them from their wretched state of being orphans.” It is to fulfill his wishes that the institution was named Kantharuban Arivucholai.

Permanent and Lasting Peace in the Island
On September 13, 1994, Mrs. Ananthi, reporter from B.B.C. Tamil Service interviewed Tamil National Leader Pirabaharan. Responding to a question put to him, he answered thus,

“We like the talks to take place in an environment of peace and friendly atmosphere. It is the responsibility of the Sri Lankan government to create such a conducive situation. Ordinary Sinhalese masses are not in favour of this war. We know very well that they are yearning for peace. The results of the recent elections clearly prove this reality. We too want peace. We want permanent peace to prevail so that all people could live a normal life.

Today, war is the greatest stumbling block The war must be brought to an end. It is those people who started the war against the Tamils who should come forward to stop the war. The Sinhala Nation should realize that the Tamil problem can never be solved through military means. Only by fulfilling the political aspirations of the Tamil people can a solution be found to end the racial conflict. This can be achieved through peaceful means. This should be made known to the Sinhalese chauvinistic politicians and militarists by the Sinhalese people themselves. We love the Sinhalese people and we are not their enemies. The racial chauvinistic elements are responsible for the contradictions that arose between the Tamils and the Sinhalese people. The Sinhalese people themselves must identify the chauvinist elements among themselves and ostracize them. Only then will permanent peace prevail in the island of Ceylon."

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