Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Talks Between Sri Lankan Government and LTTE

Pirabaharan with his lieutenantsPremadasa who assumed office as the new President in 1988, repeatedly invited the LTTE to come for talks. Since Pirabaharan too was keen on ending Indian aggression in Tamil homeland, he decided to accept the invitation of Premadasa. Due to the clever diplomatic move of our leader National Leader Pirabaharan, relationship between India and Sri Lanka turned sour and became hostile. President Premadasa publicly called the Indian army to quit Sri Lanka.

The situation became a thorough embarrassment for the Indian army which came on the invitation of the Sri Lankan government to enforce so called peace. The Indian army withdrew from Tamil Eelam in disgrace in March, 1990 after tasting defeat and humiliation at the hands of the LTTE.

The military challenge posed by the regional super power was defeated by the LTTE due to Pirabaharan’s superior military strategy and skillful political maneuvering. The areas vacated by the IPKF swiftly fell into the hands of the LTTE. The mercenary force created by the Indian army under the style ‘ Tamil National Army’ (TNA) disintegrated and fled unable to face lightning strikes launched by battle-hardened and committed LTTE fighters. A majority surrendered to the LTTE with their arms. Northeastern Provincial council, the illegitimate child of the equally illegitimate Indo- Ceylon Accord collapsed like nine pins.

Tamil Eelam National Leader Pirabaharan emerged from his hide-out in Vanni. Talks between Sri Lankan Government and LTTE continued. At the end due to the treachery and the deception resorted to by Sinhalese chauvinism, the peace talks broke off abruptly without finding a meaningful solution to the ethnic conflict.

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