Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reflection of Velupillai Pirabaharan

Nature is my friend. Life is my philosopher. History is my path-finger.
Fear is the outcome of weakness, a coward’s friend, an enemy of firmness. Fear of death is the cause of all human fears. One who wins the fear of death wins himself. He is the one who wins the freedom. From his mental prison.
Whether we like it or not the change has occurred, struggle is our life and life is struggle.
I always give less importance to speech, Only after growing up in action that we should begin speaking.
Rather than idleness of people, it is the activeness of people that turns the wheels of the struggle.
I understand the dignity of a life, but our right is much more dignified than life, our freedom, and our self-respect.
We are not politicians, we are freedom fighters.
We have sowed the seed of an ideal, we grow it by irrigating with the blood of our martyrs. This seed will grow up into a luxurious tree and make our martyr’s dreams a reality.
The liberation Tigers are not different from the people. The Liberation Tigers is a people movement. The people are the Tigers.
To govern does not mean imposing the rule in the people or exercising the authority on the people, Governing is a work of service to the people, a service directing the people for good life.
The Tamils bowed their heads when repeatedly knocked and lived as slaves with shame. The greatness of getting them to live with self-respect was the work of out liberation movement.
Although the Tamils live widely all over the worlds, it is in Tamil Eelam that there is awakening of the national spirit. It is in Tamil Eelam the national personality is born. It is Tamil Eelam there are external signs of a separate state.
The struggle for the ideal of women liberation is a fiery child that was born on the laps of the liberation movement.
The strength in numbers or the strength in arms does not determine the victory in a battle. The firm determination, bravery, and the love of liberty are the qualities that determine victory.
My comrades whom I loved as my life, my generals who have been fighting along with me shoulder to shoulder, my fighters whom I fostered for several years, When they fall in the battle field my heart bursts. Yet in that grief I do not languish. All these losses add strength to my will towards my ideal.
The patterns of battle may change, but our battle ideal will never change.
If we do not win our freedom we have to live as slaves, we loose our self-respect and live in shame, live in eternal fear and suspense, get wiped out step by step. We have no alternative but to fight for freedom.
A liberation worrier’s death is not a normal death occurrence. This death is a historical incident. It is a miracle of high ideal becoming a reality. In fact a liberation fighter does not die. The fine of ideal which was his life never burns out. That fine of ideal becomes a historical force and captures the heart of others. It wakes up the national spirit of a race.
The ‘Cyanide’ is the symbol to show that we are dedicated to our ideal. As long as this cyanide hangs on our neck we will not fear any force in the world.
Whether it be non-violent struggle or armed struggle our liberation was has reached world’s peak.

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