Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Returning to Tamil Eelam

Pirabaharan realised that as long as he stayed in India, there is bound to be pressure brought on him by the central and state governments. He can be even murdered in Delhi or Madras and thereby bring to an end the armed struggle for Tamil Eelam. On the whole he sensed a lurking danger to his life as long as he continued to stay in Tamil Nadu. Convinced that only his return to Tamil Eelam will help intensify the armed struggle, he returned to Tamil Eelam on January 3, 1987.

While Pirabaharan’s return made the Sri Lankan Government and the army panic-stricken, confusion gripped the Indian Government and its intelligence outfit RAW. The Indian government evolved a master plan to intervene militarily in the war between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government. Towards this end India wanted to give indirect military help to the Sri Lankan army to take on the LTTE. Simultaneously India wanted to pose off as the “Saviour” of the Tamil people from the genocidal attacks launched by the Sinhala army.

On May 1, 1987, in his May Day address to the people of Tamil Eelam Pirabaharan said,

“We have to win our freedom through armed struggle and by shedding of blood. There is no other easy way or alternative left for us. Either we perish as slaves or fight with arms and live as free people. This is our political fate. All of us make a firm resolve on this May Day. That is, an independent Tamil Eelam is the only solution and the ultimate solution to our problem. To secure this goal of an independent Tamil Eelam, let us all fight to the last sacrificing our lives, limbs and souls. Let this be our May Day resolve and proclamation!”

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