Friday, September 18, 2009

300,000 innocent Tamil civilians wil be held indefinitely in Sri Lanka Guantanamo

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa appear to be building permanent Sri Lanka Guantanamo-like concentration camp to house many of the 300,000 innocent Tamil civilians from the last phase of the war with the Tamil Tiger rebels, despite promising to resettle 80 per cent of them by the end of the year.

Aid workers have told that permanent buildings are being erected at The Sri Lanka Guantanamo-like concentration camp site where the UN says that 300,000 of the refugees are being held after the Tigers’ defeat in May.

The Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa originally proposed holding the innocent Tamil civilian in “welfare villages” for up to three years to check that they were not Tigers, and to clear their villages of mines.

After donor nations protested and Tamil MPs and activists compared the barbed wire enclosures to concentration camps, the Government promised to resettle 80 per cent of the refugees by the end of this year. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the Defence Secretary, who is also the President’s brother, renewed the promise last week.

Aid workers said that Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa meant to hold refugees for much longer.


  1. The Tamil prisoners in Sri Lanka concentration camps are beaten brutally by Sri Lankan soldiers and the degree of brutality became worse and worse. The master-slave scenario is played out frequently when the inmates of one camp attempt to call out through the barbed wire to attract a family member’s attention e.g. a mother is calling out to her child or husband to his wife. In one such incident a father called out to his child through the barbed wire that angered the Sri Lankan Army soldiers. They hop on a motorbike and chase him through the narrow spaces between the tents. The concentration camp guards surrendered the victim shouting angrily something in Sinhalese. The Tamil prisoner who does not understand Sinhalese kept repeating “sorry… sorry in Tamil ”, (95 percent of the inmates all of whom are Tamils do not understand Sinhalese where as 99 percent of the SL military all of whom are Sinhalese do not know Tamil and give their orders as “masters” in Sinhalese which the “slaves” do not understand.) The enrage Sri Lanka military men kicked the helpless victim on his face and stomach 100 times with his boots which are soaked with Tamil’s prisoner’s blood. It was only after the Sri Lankan soldiers were too tired to deliver any more kicks that he stopped to look at his bloody boots. He became enraged again -- boots were dirty with the victim’s blood and in a need of cleaning. He continues to jump on the prisoner’s head until a mere pulp. The IDP was convulsing and clearly dying.. Several IDPs, who witnessed this, were frozen in fear.

  2. Thamil

    Of course for the Sinhalese Colonial Masters in Sri Lanka, the life of a slave is cheap…

    300 000 innocent people are herded like cattle in the concentrations camps where they endure heartbreaking anguish e.g. long un-ending lines for meager rations of food, water and other basic necessities under scorching sun..... sleeping in the flimsy baking-hot tents and constantly brutalized by Sri Lankan Army with no legal recourse in a unbearable climate of fear and helplessness

    BTW the independent and free media : CNN, BBC, SKY- will be able to shed the light on the matter