Saturday, September 19, 2009


Indian and Chinese military, political and security leaders that are playing chess games in Sri Lanka, have caused so much death and destruction to the innocents. What is the point of becoming a superpower when the power is used to kill and destroy the oppressed and vulnerable people of this world?
So called guardians of this earth can use buzz words like Terrorism, National, Regional and International security, Global warming and Energy in international conferences and pretend like the saviors of human race but it is all meaningless when the same hypocrites advise their own governments to aid genocide in other countries.
Instead of playing Tic-Tac-Toe games in the Indian Ocean, China and India and even the West should sit together and discuss what they all want to achieve in the Indian Ocean. China with such a population has genuine energy requirements, India has its concerns and it is sensible for all these countries to find common ground and initiate constructive discussions.
These emerging superpowers should help the oppressed communities in Sri Lanka and other troubled nations on this earth, instead of helping the oppressive regimes and turn these countries into a hell in order to feed their own people.
Earth’s natural resources are being depleted so quickly. It is sensible for the energy hungry Nations to invest heavily on sustainable solutions like Hydrogen technology and Solar power. This would help us to save the planet and avoid human rights violations that are directly linked to the unfair competition between countries for raw materials and energy resources.
Any country that fails to protect the oppressed and vulnerable on this earth, and having worst human rights records, can’t become a leading Nation no matter how many rockets it sends to the Moon.
Fifty thousands were slaughtered in the killings fields by the Sri Lankan government with the help of India and China who are now acting like blood sucking leeches in the Indian Ocean. Three hundred thousands are now languishing in the death camps. Sri Lanka and its allies are doing all that they can to hide their crimes.
Rwanda, Sudan and now Sri Lanka, it is another wake up call to the World.
Genocide in Sri Lanka is real. Innocents are still being tortured, raped, murdered and starved. We have to make a choice whether to let the killings continue or we do something to stop it.

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  1. Tamil fishermen in over 400 boats were fishing when they saw a flotilla of Sri Lankan Navy. SL naval boats surrounded them, cut their nets, threw away their diesel cans and fishing rods, attacked the fishermen with the butt of their rifles and finally apprehended 21 of them along with their five boats.

    This was not the first such incident when the Sri Lankan Navy had transgressed the limits.

    he Government of India had taken up the matter several times with Sri Lanka. Sadly, all assurances given on such occasions by the Sri Lankan authorities were always thrown to the winds.

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi today accused the Sri Lankan Navy of abducting fishermen and unleashing a brutal attack on them.

    He demanded stern action from the India to stop recurrence of such incidents. He is strongly condemning the brutality by the Sri Lankan navy.

    DMDK founder Vijayakant declared will go on a hunger strike in protest against India lethargic approach towards attacks.

    “The Indian Government has turned a “blind eye” to the sufferings of the Tamil fishermen” he said