Saturday, September 19, 2009

Injustice and Inequality in an unfair world

“Life is not fair” is a phrase that always echoes in the far corners of this Earth. A fifteen year old boy may have to work sixteen hours a day, in a poor African country just to get one meal a day for his sick mother and five siblings. This may not be the case in many other places in the world. Even the rulers of some poor countries, could be using gold plated toilets and marble baths while the poor hunt for bread crumps in rubbish dumps.

We are now so used to living with other people money without any shame. Resources on this earth are not distributed fairly among its inhabitants. We have built intelligent systems to steal, what belongs to others. Our banks no longer focus much on their traditional roles, instead they employ rocket scientists to build sophisticated gambling machines in order to rob the poor and give to the rich.
Corrupt regimes, can to some extent be blamed for the misery of people in their lands. Instead of setting the people free from such regimes, some of the big players use this as an opportunity to exploit the vulnerable people for their own selfish gains.

Value of life is not the same in every country. When the twin towers fell and three thousands perished, we all knelt down and wept. The whole world came to a stop for few minutes. We declared “War on Terror” against each and every single armed group in the world, including the ones that are genuinely fighting to free their communities from oppressive governments. Hands of the oppressed were tied and the weapons were given to many corrupt Nations. This is what we call Justice today.
Four hundred thousands were slaughtered in Darfur, Eight hundred thousands perished in Rwanda because the terror regimes in these countries were driven by ignorance and greed. No leader in the world declared “War on Genocide” even after seeing millions of deaths. Instead, some of the world powers aided genocide in these poor countries.
Although, the world media still stick with the figure of seventy thousands, the actual number of people, perished in the Sri Lankan civil war is around three hundred thousands. Fifty thousands were killed just within a short period of time in the recent war in Sri Lanka.

We have millions of evidences to prove that a systematic genocide is taking place in Sri Lanka while the Nations are watching. Neither UN nor any other world power is being able to stop the madness that is still going on in this country.
Security Council no longer agrees on any decisions that are vital to save the vulnerable and oppressed people on this earth. Permanent members use their Veto powers just to cover their own dirt and to protect the other bullies in their club.
Our parliamentarians are hanging on to their positions and they are forced to sort out their expense claims to keep their jobs. Leaders of some powerful nations are not being able to focus on the real issues because they are chased after, to give explanations for things they did when they were teenagers. Senior staffs in the UN no longer have the freedom to do what is right. They have to dance according to the tunes played by their masters who have conflicting interests. It has now become a common practice that the leaders in the UN and top diplomats speak the truth only after their retirement.

We have robust systems in place, to protect the criminals and torment the victims. Our legal systems are so advanced that diplomats and politicians have to think hundred times, before making any comments. Just to make life easier, they keep their mouths shut even at times it is important to speak out.

Even during a humanitarian crisis, our leaders would still act like electronic parrots who can only repeat the same recorded words that would comply with national and international laws, just to make sure that they hang on to their jobs. The world is dying for leaders who can at least use their basic common sense to help the persecuted people on this planet.

We talk about political correctness. We are very concerned about little things but we turn a deaf ear, when the real-world calamities strike the mankind. We are planning to stop using Christmas lights in our towns because we think it will offend people from other religions. We are supposed to write “Traces of Nuts” on peanut packets. Doctors have to break their heads before writing prescriptions, because most of the drugs have side effects. They will be sued if something goes wrong. We have been very successful in sending many talented doctors, writers and politicians to the prisons and letting the criminals to roam around our cities.

Praising the Sri Lankan regime for slaughtering thousands of innocents and letting the Tamils to languish in the concentration camps is another example that we have become real hypocrites and jokers who have bigger mouths, smaller brains and corrupt souls. Playing cricket with a country that is flowing with the blood of the innocent men, women and children, shows that we no longer have any moral principles to guide our lives. We are now even quite comfortable to sit and have tea with a Hannibal while his hands are still stained with the blood and his room is filled with the stink of rotting human flesh.

UN Staffs along with the Sri Lankan leaders were happy to fly over the killing fields and blood stained beaches of Sri Lanka, while having their hands on knives and forks.


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  2. Look , silly Sinhalese Racist, no one is afraid you !

    War Criminal, President Mahinda Rajapig-sy, the Bloodthirsty Sri Lankan Army of and GRIM Ripper himself General Forsaken are consigned to the GARBAGE HEAP of HISTORY along with Hitler, Pol Pot…….

    And the DEATH island of Sri Lanka will WITHER AWAY as a failed state of Zimbabwe

  3. Racist? Me? No.

    Me = Unitary Sri Lanka where all ethnicities can live in peace, wherever they like on the island.

    You = exclusively Tamil area, reserved just for Tamils.

    I think You fulfil the definition of a 'racist'. And of course a moron.

    All the intelligent Eelamist are fertilising the Vanni soil or are having nice chats with SLA MI. Only the dumb Diaspora Peelamists like you remain to carry on the struggle. If your Sun God was still alive, he'd have you shot for cowardice for not coming to fight for him on the beach at Mullativu.

    Aren't you ashamed to be still alive and not having fought for Eelam?

    Is there no end to you Eelamists's stupidity? The demographics are against you. Haven't you worked that out yet?

    Fonseka and MR may well end up in the garbage heap of history. We know for certain that VP has definitely ended up in the garbage in Peliyagoda. See if you can spot Fatty VP's moustache here:

    Here's his last known picture, before he was captured, questioned and shot.

    Viva Eelam and the gullible morons of Eelam.

  4. I forgot to add, regarding this particular post. No one likes to hang around with losers. The LTTE most comprehensively lost with nothing to show for its' efforts after 30+ years of terrorism other than scattering credit card fraudsters around the world.

    That's why (apart from loser countries like Norway), your White Masters won't help you. Oh, they'll make all the right noises about SL, but you know and I know that they don't like smelly losers anymore than you do.

    Now wash away the stench of defeat, if you can.

  5. Dear B....x,

    Please change your name to something more appropriate so we can discuss the issues at hand comfortably. I cannot take you seriously with such a ridiculous name.

  6. Dear B....x,

    “Me = Unitary Sri Lanka where all ethnicities can live in peace, wherever they like on the island”

    You mention the fact that you are for a unified Sri Lanka with peaceful coexistence.

    But what about the 300,000 people who are still suffering within the confines of the concentration camp? I don’t think they appreciate your understanding of a peaceful life. They are still living in a slave -ike reality.

    Why are you choosing to ignore these facts?

    Please don’t forget the government is also robbing the Tamil people of their own land and belongings- how is this peaceful?

    I hope you can open your eyes and see that the government is fueling the situation with propaganda and lies.

  7. Hey Oxy moran Bollox
    Enjoy the victory while you can because rope on your (stupid sinhales) neck is surely tightening slowly but steadily. Yeah we sure lost the fight to big powers such as India and china, so don’t be too hyped thinking sinhales beat tigers. Remember elephant pass 20,000 of the modayas had their tails between the legs, where tigers made their biggest blunder not killing every one of them.
    See you modayas another day in another battle.

  8. Sinha God

    Reference- Anonymous
    Wednesday, September 23, 2009 6:29:00 AM

    Who are calling Modayas??? Grey helicopter gifted by India to us took your God King, VP, south for his final assignment and brought what was left back to Nandikadal lagoon. White vans come for terrorist supporters. We are very happy with our Honorable President King Emperor Mahinda of the Asokan Clan. He imparts fear on terrorists. We are so glad that the undesirables are staying away

  9. Actually Bollox is from a board game. And I quote "the ... 'Sandwich Move'. Just like it sounds, when you entrap two of your opponent's pieces between two of your own, you get to "evict" one of your opponent's pieces. This 'Sandwich Move' really does "bollox up" the game plan of the unwary player. Often the Sandwich Move can completely turn the game around and give you a dazzling win." A great way to describe what happened to VP on the beach, no?

    Another day, another battle, eh Eelamist? Sure, sure. Why weren't you fighting at the beach instead of carrying on with your stinky demos in the West? You guys only managed two or three self-immolations and suicide. The old school LTTE had proper suicides. Kittus, Thileepan-anus and others. I've gotta say, Eelamish standards are definitely slipping. Ha ha ha..

    For the military history Eelam moron, know this. At EP, they tried to kill all the retreating SL soldiers. But your LTTE had taken too many losses in capturing EP to properly finish off the retreating SLA, who by this stage had Pakistani-supplied MBRLs. If only, eh, Eelamish morons? If only.

  10. Thamil

    I don’t remember the EP battle that way. The Shingalesh was running so fast they left a lot military hardware behind.

    The great LTTE freedom fighters surrounded 800 Modayas 1991 in EPBC.

    The Modayas Monkeys were pissing in their pants..

    Also remember our Armor plated Bulldozes !!! The Monsters !! So much fun !!

    Anyway we are Hindus (majority of Tamils). We practice KARMA. This is one of the reasons why Tamils and LTTE never want to hurt others including Shingalesh.

    I can't imagine about the KARMA needs to be settled by racist SL. The SLA generals should act like REAL men , REAL Buddhists and admit the Mother day Massacre.

    f Buddha sees all the crimes implemented by SL government, he will for sure commit into suicide!

    I urge you, stop hiding behind Uncle Mahinda's sarong.

  11. Sinha God

    Thamil, you Stupid Sakkili,

    You, gingerly oil smelling Sakkili with stinking mouth !!!

    I Remember it differently too. Our boys FRIED each and one of your Monsters. And your victory was temporary.

    Below is the article which tell exactly what happened :

    Operation Balavegaya was not an operation that was aimed at capturing new territory. It’s main objective was to save the lives of 800 army personnel who were trapped in army’s Elephant Pass Base Complex (EPS), under siege by LTTE formations.

    Unlike in the early 2000s, EPS garrison did not include thousands of army soldiers. It only had 800 men from the Sinha Regiment (SR). On the 10th of July 1991, a 5000 strong LTTE force (approximate number) launched a large scale attack on EPS base complex. Not only was the invasion force massive in numbers, LTTE had planned the attack to perfection. Anti aircraft guns were strategically placed so that no helicopter could land in supplies nor evacuate casualties from the base. Armor plated bulldozers fitted with machine guns and armor plated tractors were used break through the army lines with LTTE minimum casualties. Not only did they broke through SLA defenses but the sinister looking bulldozers sent the morale of the defenders to an all time low.

    Unlike today, the army did not have a clear answer to LTTE’s ‘human waves’ strategy back then. Wave after wave of LTTE cadres pounded the camp’s southern defence lines while LTTE mortars rained into the base premises. LTTE forces which outnumbered the garrison in EPS 6 to 1, were meeting with unexpected resistance from the SR soldiers defending the base. Although the soldiers were holding off the LTTE in the southern front, the situation was looking grim for SLA in the long term due to lack of supplies and inability to transport casualties.

    During the second day of fighting, the smaller ‘Rest House Camp’ to the south of the base complex fell the the LTTE. By this time, Major Lalith Buddhadasa who was the second in command of the base had also died due to shrapnel injuries received from an LTTE mortar. Due to the strategic placement of LTTE’s AA cannons, SLAF could not land in any helicopters. The only help SLAF could offer the defending soldiers was to air drop supplies into the base. Although majority of the supplies fell into the base as planned, some were retrieved by the LTTE.

    After four days of bitter fighting, LTTE forces showed no signs of slowing down. This was when (14th of July) Major General Densil Kobbekaduwa and Brigadier Wijaya Wimalarathna launched operation Balavegaya. Operation Balavegaya, which involved 10000 SLA troops, was the largest army operation at he time since Operation Vimukthi. 1 Sinha Regiment (SR), 3,4 Gajaba Regiment (GR) and 3 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI), Sri Lanka Artillery and Armored corps were the formations that took part in the operation.

    Since there was no clear land route to EPS from government controlled territory, it was decided that an amphibious landing was necessary. A location some 10km to the east of EPS (Vettilakarni) was chosen as the landing point. LTTE which had early information on the army’s move, resisted the amphibious landing fiercely. The first attempt to land troops failed as a consequence. However it was a matter of time till the army secured Vettilakarni under the command of Major General Vijaya Wimalarathna. Vettilakarni was then used as a launching pad for the march towards EPS.

  12. Sinha God

    Sorry the article is too long and it was accepted. This the second part

    2nd part

    The LTTE which had the territorial advantage continued to resist the army advance. This however eased the pressure on EPS, although the base was still in danger of being overrun. Fighting continued for 17 more days in this fashion, with LTTE put on the defence and SLA backed by SLAF trying to reach EPS. Finally, on the 3rd of August at approximately 5PM, vanguard of Operation Balavegaya reached Elephant Pass Base premises. A combined effort of the relief force and the SR soldiers in EPS garrison saw the LTTE retreat their fighters and thus siege which the LTTE leader had nicknamed ‘Mother of All Battles” was broken. This was considered as the best victory by the armed forces until the capture of Jaffna.

    Although the battle was won, it wasn’t without casualties; a total of 200 soldiers had given their lives for the motherland during the entire battle. More than 500 others were injured.

    EPS remained under SLA control for 9 more years after the initial incident. In 2000, the poorly lead and demoralized 54th division in EPS made a tactical withdrawal in the face of another LTTE siege and the base has since been under LTTE control. According to MI, LTTE does not maintain one major base at EPS but have built a series of smaller bases to better face an army advance

  13. Ben Del Porto

    As a long-standing observer of Sri Lanka's crisis, I have to say the Rajapakse govt has really gone in to the abyss of no-return.

    There was great suffering in the Bosnian conflict, but by any standards of measure the treatment of Tamils is criminal beyond any imagination.

    The slow trickle of reports from UN agencies paints a stark truth about Sri Lanka's nationalistic ill will.

    As in the case of past fascist regimes, the intl community must be prepared to isolate and sanction the Sri Lankan state until it is prepared to adhere, no matter how reluctantly, to human rights & intl norms of governance.

    Rejecting the luxury of GSP+ is a start!

  14. Thamil
    To-Sinha God
    Wow, wow we don’t need the smart Shingalesh.. it’s too long for simple me
    The Serfdom of Mahinda has many strawmen in bonded labour, to assert the status quo.

    Sinha God & Co, the writing's on the wall (ask amme ):

    Uncle Mahinda's stooges are roaming the internet spreading the baseless lies and propaganda

  15. Sinha god,
    Truth really hurts eh! Any ways you sound like you are really hurt because I called you(Sinhalese)modayas, you know I could torn it down a little by calling you’s scumbags. Let me know what you prefer. Also you scumbags or modayas (what ever you prefer), being sakilis is better than being modayas. Sakilis don’t sit at home and get jealous at other people who really work hard to come ahead in life. Just like you scum of earth are so pissed off at Tamils because they work harder and study harder and they used to have better life than you ass holes. Only perverted modayas can have sex with dead female Tigers. Didn’t you see videos you so called best army in the world how they enjoy looking at the dead female tigers. You know you ass holes are born like this so there is nothing you can do even if you want to be normal. See if you can find out what happened in EP after 9 years of that cut and paste you have done.

    Bollox watch your ass some one is going to hurt your ass when you do sandwiching.

  16. Hey Bollox
    "Me = Unitary Sri Lanka where all ethnicities can live in peace, wherever they like on the island."
    yeah sure!!! only problem with this is what we Tamils do when you modayas go for joy killing such as 1956,1977 and 1983. Ask those kolampo tamils they will tell you how many days it took them to get to Yarlpanam by ship.Talk is chep you ass hole

  17. Anonymous
    Wednesday, September 23, 2009 7:48:00 PM

    From Thamil

    You are so funny !!!!!

    Ha, ha, ha !!!!!
    Please come here often, let’s laugh together at those Modayas Monkesys, Silly Slimedogs

  18. Hey, Anonymous Eelam moron, we're in 2009. Have you noticed? No one I know will ever wants to go back those riots and such madness.

    But if you Peelam Donkeys want to try this LTTE shit again, for your own health & happiness, don't do it!

  19. As to the brave Eelamish Internet Warrior threatening me -- with what? Why do I have to watch my 'ass'?

    Do you want to touch it? Are you gay? I know that there were some Pink Tigers, but I thought they committed suicide in an Anal Genocide.

    So, now it comes to this; Eelam morons fantasising about Anal Invasions. So many anonymous Eelam morons and such little time!

  20. Thamil


    Maybe , it’s a sexual attraction . Some Tiger Tom Cats are looking for Pretty Poona-Fair skinned ex-Army soldiers , who don’t mind to bend over

  21. Guys, we should be kind to each other here on this blog.
    But not to Sri Lankan Government or the ruthless Sri Lankan Army!!
    May god punish them!!!!
    The SL racists should rot in The Black Water

  22. Mr. Bollox
    Why you are so angry? Are practicing you racist Sinhalese Colonial Master verbatim ?

  23. Tripple Gem

    I believe that the issues are telling all the truth and nothing but the truth about what happened in the war against the LTTE, identifying who did what crimes, finding and releasing all the detained and the “disappeared” and beginning a truth and reconciliation process in Sri Lanka.

    Defeating the LTTE will not end this very nasty and dirty war. Bomb makers and suicide bombers in the “underground” can still maim and kill people, and the government can endlessly “disappear torture, and kill people’ without end.

    Unbiased NGO and UN international observers and humanitarian workers can observe and assist the refugees so they can go home and rebuild their lives.

    Like in South Africa, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda, Burundi, etc. there must be an effective reconciliation between groups whose differences and prejudices led to violence. the desired endpoint is that Tamils, Sinhalese, and other groups can live in harmony and celebrtate their common lfe a citizens of Sri Lanka sharing without discrimination and bias in a civil society. This goal will require years of forbearance, restraint, forgievenss, truth telling,and hard work. The Sri Lanka government, the groups in Sri Lanka civil society, and the international community must work together in good will to bring reconciliation. Let us all start today with prayer and action

  24. I agree with you, Triple Gem, but when the reconciliation started to happen?

  25. Bollox
    sorry i didn't know you are a guy, the way your are writing I thought you were a women.
    Hey bollox some time I wonder may be the Modayas are getting smarter nowdays. Look at uncle mahinda(biggest modaya) when he knew if he would have gone to New york he might be arrested so he blame it on something and stayed home. That's okay. can fool some one some times but can't fool every body all the time.

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  27. Hello all
    Bollox, Sinha, God Thamil, Ben Del Porto, Kalin, Tripple Gem and all the Anonymous welcome to my blog. Let’s discuss the situation in Sri Lanka and hopefully, we will come to a good conclusion for all parties involved!!!
    Please, let’s be a bit civilized. Thanks

  28. England beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the Champions Trophy in Johannesburg !!!