Saturday, September 19, 2009

China and its role in Sri Lankan War

China has a total population of 1.33 billion. It is an emerging superpower that manufactures 50% of the items that is used in an average household in the West.
In order to feed all its citizens, to have access to raw materials and energy and to protect its strategic interests, China obviously needs to maintain close relations with countries that have something to offer.
A country that crushed 3000 protesters by rolling tanks in Tienanmen square, China hasn’t got a great reputation for human rights. If a country can’t treat its own citizen’s well, we can’t expect them to be concerned about people dying in other countries.
China has been very aggressive with its foreign policies in recent times. This sleeping giant has woken up and giving support to many corrupt regimes on earth to fulfill its agendas. Sadly, China has directly or indirectly aided genocide in many countries including Sudan and Sri Lanka.
Although, India provided the directions and intelligence for the Sri Lankan war, it was China that had given all the dangerous weapons and ammunitions to kill the Tamils in thousands.
Most of Tamils who died in Sri Lanka were killed by Chinese weapons. Sri Lanka has allowed China to build a controversial Port in the south of Sri Lanka.
Chinese intervention in Sri Lanka is not about defeating the Tamil rebels but to reward the country that had given the permission to build infrastructures in the strategically important Indian Ocean.
Indian intervention in Sri Lankan war is more to do with stopping Sri Lanka going in the hands of other countries, than defeating the Tamil rebels.
In summary, neither China nor India was keen on killing the Tamils. Just like China supported the Sudanese government to commit genocide in Darfur, they supported the Sri Lankan government to slaughter the Tamils in order to look after their strategic interests in the India Ocean.
If China and Pakistan didn’t supply weapons to Sri Lanka, we wouldn’t have seen the recent war in Sri Lanka.


  1. So you Super-Intelligent Peelamists didn't see this coming?

    Whine, complain, moan, whine a bit more, after you lost the war that you re-started. Utterly pathetic.

    Genocide, my foot! If you really want to see genocide, see Rwanda or Cambodia.

    What an utter bunch of morons.. :)

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  3. I understand your pain fellow Tamil, but we need to be civilized.

  4. I also understand your pain. How many years did you Eelamists work and contribute ($100 per month?) only to see the whole thing collapse in three years.

    I too would find it painful - especially now that your LTTE tax collectors have run off with your money! They're probably in Bangkok paying for ladyboys! Ha ha ha !

  5. Thamil
    Bollox, you are piece of ……… ice.
    Can you see, we are very busy here? So many things do, SL to destroy