Saturday, September 19, 2009

Master magicians are now trying to save Sri Lanka

China and India voted in favour of Sri Lanka in the human rights council. Their vote was like praising a murderer in a criminal court. Sri Lanka was congratulated by these countries for the war because they were also the culprits.
These two countries have both been involved in high level PR campaigns to hide the war crimes committed by Sri Lanka. Arrogant voice from Sri Lanka in the recent times is to do with its close bonding with India and China.
India has recently said that it would give aid to Sri Lanka in case if the loan from IMF is denied or delayed.
Indian and Chinese media have constantly been releasing news, supporting the Sri Lankan government since the start of the war. Sri Lanka not allowing Aid agencies and Journalists to the IDP camps and to the killing fields is done with the full support of India. This is to hide the war crimes and to silence the witnesses of the war. Three doctors who served thousands of wounded in the killing fields are now locked up in Sri Lankan jails. India is capable of requesting Sri Lanka to release these doctors but it has chosen not to.
Sri Lankan President and many cabinet ministers in Sri Lanka have recently acknowledged that they fought India’s War in Sri Lanka.


  1. I’m deeply concerned about reports of security incidents taking place inside the concentration camps accommodating 300 000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Sri Lanka. The most recent incident took place on Saturday, September 26th in the Menik Farm camp, Security personnel then reportedly opened fire to disperse the mob. Several people are said to have been injured, including a child who was hit by a bullet and is now paralyzed. There are also reports of several people being detained following the disturbance.

  2. Thamil
    It was crystal clear from investigation that this people had gone to collect fire wood to cook food. And how on earth some call these refugees who were shot by the sinhala troops as “IDPs ". These people are forcefully detained and how on earth using such words on those badly affected forcefully detained innocent civilians justified? Someone should write to correct such mistakes, as the world knows sinhala media will use the term easily to brand all those innocent civilians as a IDPs and justify detaining and kill them in those death camps.

  3. I’m tired of hearing words such as "deeply concerned" or "we appeal to the Sri Lankan authorities" from the UN who must take full responsibility of helping to create these internment camps. "ACT" now before it is too late. Save the Tamil people. They have done nothing to the world to deserve such miserable treatment by the SL Government

  4. Jaffna

    UN is nothing but big waste with bunch of jokers in CEO style clothing. They (UN) were very much concerned about the blood bath in the nandikadal lagoon - No useful outcome. 20,000 people got killed - they (UN) very much concerned nothing happened. Nearly 300,000 people in concentration camp - they (UN) are concerned very much, we are not fools to believe something will happen, if we believe we are the hopeless people on the planet. The international community (IC) was very much concerned yet - srilanka got $2.9 billion loan when it asked $1.9billion. The EU is very much concerned about human rights violation - yet GSP+ is unlikely to go. Come on give us a break.