Friday, September 18, 2009

Racist Sri Lankan Government quotes

'Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka Sri Lankan Army Commander (2008)
“I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there are minority communities and we treat them like our people. We being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we have the right to protect this country. We are also a strong nation. They can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things”

President: Chandrika Kumarathunga 1999
“Tamils were not the original people of Sri Lanka”

President: D B Wijetunge (1993)
“Minorities are like creepers clinging to the Sinhala tree.”

Oxford educated National Security Minister Lalith Athulathmudali 1985
“Only way to root out terrorism was to remove the concept of ‘traditional homelands”

Oxford educated Senior Minister Gamini Dissanayake soon after the 1983 Riots
“Who attacked you? Sinhalese. who saved you? Sinhalese. It is that we who attacked and protected you. They are bringing an army from India. It will take 14 hours to come from India. In 14 minutes the blood of every Tamil in the country can be sacrifi ce to the land by us”

President J.R.Jayawardene, Daily Telegraph, July 1983
“I am not worried about the opinion of the Jaffna we cannot think of them, not about their lives or their opinion.the more you put pressure in the north, the happier the Sinhala people will be here Really if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be happy”

Mrs. Wimala Kannangara M.P (1981)
“If we are governing, we must govern. If we are ruling, we must rule. Do not give into the minorities”

Ceylon’s first Prime Minister,D.S.Senanayake
“Today you are brought here and given a plot of land. You have been uprooted from your village. You are like a piece of driftwood in the ocean; but remember that one day the whole country will look up to you. The fi nal battle for the Sinhala people will be fought on the plains of Padaviya. You are men and women who will carry this island’s destiny on your shoulders. Those who are attempting to divide this country will have to reckon with you. The country may forget you for a few years, but one day very soon they will look up to you as the last bastion of the Sinhala”
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Def Sec. Gotabaya’s words
“Let our soldiers feast on Tamil women while the Tamil men’s blood drip into the ocean and make it red”.

Foreign Minister Palitha Kohona: "Victorious soldiers could have raped every single woman" "If you look at the history of war crimes there isn’t one instance where a winner of a war has been tried before a Tribunal. They have always been set up for losers."
"“There is this thinking that all our problems can be solved by applying a political solution. I fail to see the logic behind this”


  1. Thanks silva from vanni
    Buddha dhamma words “Let our soldiers feast on Tamil women while the Tamil men's blood drip into the ocean and make it red”.


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  5. Thanks, Vanni.
    Remember, only after the Holocaust, the Jews finally got their country, their own land. For 2000 years, the Jews wonder around .....all over the world… I hope the IC and the India will wake up.. And they will