Saturday, September 19, 2009

West was deceived by Sri Lanka and its allies

Sri Lankan authorities with its PR partners prepared a dossier to justify the war to the international community. This proposal was submitted to many countries including the EU, US, Norway and Japan.
Sri Lanka and its allies were able to convince many countries that Tamil rebels were a danger to the whole world. They were able to demonize the Tamil community, with lies and deceptions for their own advantage.
Comments made by some Western leaders and Japanese representatives during the war clearly showed that these countries were fully supporting the war in Sri Lanka but they felt very uncomfortable when the war became very dirty at the end. Many openly talked about post LTTE scenarios which means they all had the maps in their hands.
One of the main reasons why the UN and Western countries couldn’t take a strong stand to stop the war even when thousands of innocents were dying was because there were all there when the button was pressed at the start of the War.
Only difference is that the West never gave the approval to kill innocent men, women and children. Sri Lanka was not given the go ahead to send Tamils to barbed wired concentration camps.
Sri Lanka has now deceived the western countries and revealed its true face. Sri Lanka lied to the whole world that it was conducting a war with surgical strikes and “Zero Civilian Causalities”. It also denied that heavy weapons were used against civilians.
Torture, murder, rape and all kind of human right violations in the concentrations camps of Sri Lanka, are now sending shock waves across the world. Deportations of Western reporters, journalists and politicians from the Sri Lankan Airport and denial of access to the death camps of Sri Lanka for aid workers are showing the face of rebellious country that is willing go to any extent to defy international humanitarian laws.

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