Saturday, September 19, 2009

Masters of War and Silent Spectators

It has taken quite a while for many of us to understand, that what was happening in Sri Lanka was not “War on Terror”. If the war was just against the Tamil Rebels, the so called saviours of this country would have taken all the necessary steps to protect the vulnerable community once the war was over. Rulers of this land are still tormenting innocent Tamil men, women and children inside barbed wired concentration camps, even after crushing the Tamil rebels with the help of China, Pakistan and India. This has become a shocking revelation and eye opener for many parties who were initially supporting the war in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka wants to weaken the Tamils in order to establish a Sinhala Buddhist State. China wants to build ports in the South of Sri Lanka for military and commercial purposes. India wants to neutralize the Chinese threats and to establish its rule in the Indian Ocean. Pakistan has got its own agendas, what an evil combination. They have all been competing with each other to satisfy a country that is determined to flush out all the Tamils.

Sri Lanka has now become a football ground for many countries and the rulers of this land are delighted to entertain the players. Every time a ball is kicked, it kills the innocents and the pitch gets flooded with the blood. Players don’t care about how many are dying because it is part of their evil game.

China and India were the main players in the recent Sri Lankan war. They are still in the pitch, kicking the air. When people were dying in thousands, even the West didn’t do anything to stop; instead we also stood back and watched. We were more interested in finding out who was going to win the game in the Indian Ocean instead of focusing on the humanitarian crisis.

UN has failed to stop the bloodshed. West has failed. All the so called Human Right organizations have failed.

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