Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mother Day Massacre

The advancing Sri Lanka Army massacred civilians by paving their bunkers with tanks, by throwing explosives inside the bunkers and by shooting the injured, says a medical worker who came out of Mu’l’li-vaaykkaal during the last days of the war, became incarcerated in a camp and now escaped the island. “Around a hundred thousand captured civilians herded to Mullaiththeevu were kept in rows within barbed wires, most of the time without water or food under the hot sun.

Colombo particularly targeted hospitals and makeshift hospitals. When people moved away from Ki’linochchi, its hospital started functioning in the school building at Udaiyaar-kaddu. More than two thousand shells were fired on this building by the SLA.

Ki’linochchi to Tharmapuram, Vaddakkachchi, Visuvamadu, Udaiyaar-kaddu, Puthukkudiyiruppu – until reaching Mu’l’li-vaaykkaal, at an average 50 civilians were killed every day in Sri Lankan attacks. 8000 were already killed before herded into Mu’l’li-vaaykkaal.

Medical work decimated and workers were shaken at the death of patients, nurses and workers. When there were more than 300,000 people, Colombo sent food for only 30,000. Important medicines such as anesthetic drugs were not sent. Life-saving surgery without anesthesia was a cursing ordeal for the patients as well as doctors.

Mothers and children standing in queue to receive infant milk food were targeted in the SL shell attacks. Without seeing no one could visualize the sorrow of the child that lost the mother and the mother who lost the child.

SLA shell attacks, guided by spy craft were targeted on queues for gruel also. Despite casualties the queue would form again. While even gruel was scarce to people, lands they cultivated were harvested by the SLA.

At one stage, the LTTE leadership ordered food meant for combatants to be shared with civilians. The fighters fought only with gruel food and to the last LTTE served gruel to people.

Around 1000 waterholes were dug and several hundreds of toilets were made for civilians at the initiative of the LTTE. Water often mixed with sand was collected in shell-halves and was filtered by cloth.

There were no epidemics. Pregnant mothers and infants bearing shell fragments came to makeshift hospitals. These hospitals functioned 24 hours and wailing was always heard around them. Many dead bodies couldn’t be buried in certain situations of SL attacks and hungry dogs dragged them.

Every time moving patents to ICRC vessel there will be targeted shelling from the SLA. A few hundreds taken for ICRC treatment died. How that happened was not known and whom to ask.

Even in emaciated conditions people donated blood for treatment and some of them later died of their own injuries. More than a thousand people were killed on the day when the SLA entered into Maaththa’lan and Pokka’nai (20th April).

On May 15th and 16th the SLA entered and rampaged the pocket of land crowded with nearly a hundred thousand people. I had to pass through at least around 300 bodies when I came out. Some were alive but couldn’t walk. I helped a few who could walk. Some held my feet when I tried to go away. What could I do?

There is a long list of people who were eliminated and disappeared after capture by the SLA. The army-controlled area was a place where murders took place in front of one’s eyes.

In Mullaiththeevu, a hundred thousand people made to stand in rows would all of a sudden be ordered to squat by the SL army. The soldiers would make sadistic laugh at seeing the melee of people falling on each other in the exercise.

Long poles were used to beat the people and to threaten them. Old and young stood under hot sun for a long time, immensely suffering from thirst. Mullaiththeevu to Vavuniyaa was scenery of disaster.
There were 20 to 25 people in a tent in the internment camp at Cheddiku’lam. Food was sometimes thrown from a vehicle.

Everyday in the internment camp around 30 people died. It was a place of epidemics.
Thousands suffered of Chicken Pox, hundreds had brain fever, many elders died and some committed suicide.
The bribe to SL army for a person to come out was several hundred thousands of rupees.

In the last days of the war over 18,000 killed, more than 5,000 lost limbs, more than 7,000 seriously injured and several thousands suffered minor injuries. Several thousands suffer mental illnesses. More than a hundred medical workers- doctors, nurses and volunteers perished.

Knowledge and exercise of precaution reduced casualty. No one died of any epidemic under LTTE control. Several thousands of Sinhala youth of the SLA, from poor families, regrettably laid down their life in the war.

The sadistic lust of Mahinda Rajapaksa is very astonishing - inflicting pain on ordinary civilians in every possible way, and then projecting that as forms of his soothing operation to the outside world.

The world may forget, but Tamils will never forget the true face of the civilization of 21st century, the world has shown to them, writes the medical worker in his notes.


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  2. I am appalled by this Massacre.

    Yes the we won the war, but they have a greater war ahead of them, to bring peace to our country. End of warfare is not fulfillment of peace.
    How can we justify Hiroshima style massacre.

    How will Sinhalese feel if it happens to their kith and kin?
    JVP and Sinhalese youth went through similar situation like the Tamils in north.

    Even dogs don’t party over dead dogs…do they?

    Let the government face the true facts with courage as they face the war. Sri Lankan army did this type of brutality and needs to be condemned.
    Those who condone to such violence will have blood on their hands too.
    We cannot bring the dead to life but we can prevent more being taken to death.

    Let us not give our souls to evil.

    We have become a race who claims to be Buddhist but doesn’t follow the teachings of Buddha.

    This is a disgrace to the valiant soldiers and will be a disgrace to them until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

    The government has the obligation towards the SL army to bring culprits to justice.

    We cannot merely disregard this Massacre.
    That how a responsible government should act.

    Of course is SL government responsible, go ask a man in the street.

    Sri Lankan Government blames LTTE for everything.

    Colombo should prosecute errant soldiers and apologized on behalf of the army.
    Get real Sri Lankans!!

  3. What else is new?

    Madame Justice forsaken Sri Lanka.

    The Evil ever present …

    and as always the Rajapaksa government has put on an elaborate song and dance to bedazzle the international community into believing justice is being done..

    At the end we know what is going to happen.

    The victims will suffer and the guilty go free ..

  4. It took me some time to figure this but I never gave up to say hello to you.
    Any ways thanks for the good job your doing and let me know what do you need from Canada to keep on doing your good work.

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  8. Atrocities and corruption are going hand and hand in the Sri Lanka due to impunity.

    Road to MR’s relative’s house 570 families lose water – UNP The community water service to 570 families in Nathagala, Deniyaya, has been disrupted due to a three-kilometers road being constructed to a house of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s brother in law, the UNP alleged yesterday.

    Matara District UNP MP Sagala Ratnayake, addressing a news conference in Colombo, said that to construct the road, land belonging to Mathurata Plantations had also been acquired by the State. "The Road Development Authority is supervising the construction of the road leading to Beverly Estate, where the luxury house is coming up, at an estimated cost of over Rs. 40 million," said Ratnayake.

    He said the public had a right to know when State resources were abused, but the three journalists from the Lanka newspaper, who investigated the construction of the road to the luxury house, had been arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

    38 have been appointed as presidential advisors and the amount paid for 22 of them in 2008 is Rs.1,17,29,653.36 revealed Chief Whip for the Government in Parliament Minister Dinesh Gunawardene.

    Minister Gunawardene revealed this yesterday (8th) responding to a question posed by the JVP Parliamentarian Ranaweera Pathirana. Speaking further Minister Gunawardene said 16 of the presidential advisors don’t draw any remuneration.

    In his response the Minister said presidential advisors are paid amounts of Rs.60,000, Rs.40,000 and Rs.30,000.

    In response Parliamentarian Ranaweera Pathirana said despite certain advisors not accepting any allowances they enjoy certain perks including vehicles from the government, air tickets to various countries. He pointed out that certain advisors use several vehicles with one registered number

  9. Once again my Sinhala brethren are feeling stressed and exposed that their racial strangulation and victimization of Tamils in Sri Lanka is being exposed to the world. The government tried its best to suppress the free media or foreign press into the northern parts of Sri Lanka - frightened that facts will come out. The Sinhala racists (especially Buddhists) should remember that in rebirth - they will pay for their racist sins and may be in the next birth, be born Tamils - Insha Allah. How vigorously they try to absolve the criminal acts, rebutting and trying to put the blame on innocent Tamils.

  10. the following news may be of interest to the participant in the discussion here on Eezham:” Unarmed VCK men to fight for Eelamâ “-CHENNAI: Though Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) is a part of the DMK-led alliance, the party will not compromise its ideology on the Eelam Tamils issue, said VCK president Thol Thirumavalavan here on Monday.

    Unarmed tigers of VCK from Tamil Nadu will continue their struggle for Tamil Eelam, he said to a rousing applause of the thousands of party cadre who gathered for Yelum Tamil Eelamâ conference organized on his 48th birthday which was being observed as ‘Tamil Eluchi Naal’ (Tamil uprising day).

    Struggle against caste oppression and fight for the rights of global Tamils are the two policies VCK stands for, he said reiterating that the conference was a proof of their commitment to the two causes.

    Driving home the point that his demand for a white paper on Indian government support to Sri Lanka during the ethnic war was not being fulfilled, he asked as to how the party stands on Eelam Tamils issue could be called anti-national?

    We are committed to the Indian sovereignty and integrity; he said adding that VCK would not be a mute spectator when innocent Tamils were being killed.

    Referring to a series of self-immolations in the State which started with one Muthukumar of Kolathur, whom he defined as a black tiger Thirumavalavan said that only the VCK cadre sacrificed their lives for the Tamil cause, while other parties were either reluctant or scared to even speak for the suffering Tamils brethren of Sri Lanka.

    Separate Eelam was the only safeguard for the Tamils, he underpinned and said, Prabhakaran will return and continue the war.

  11. why the dog to bark is

    1) In tamil nadu only tamil is used no other language can do any business here
    2) the same tamil is not getting maimed any other part of india. Not like MR speech - Unga —— luku — like that.

    The above two conditions are NOT in place in SL is the reason we always want ellam to form …

  12. during my collegiate days in the then Madras. My principal’s wife was a Sinhalese woman. My Principal was a Tamil Christian. The name of my block mate was one thiru. Somaratne. We were very good friends. Another college time room mate was one thiru. Hasan Ali from Colombo and at present a Congress MLA in Tn and till a few months ago the local branch office manager of SRI LANKAN airways was a very pretty Sinhalese lady ( single ) and she lived just an apartment right above mine in this buildings where my family lives in this town in western Tamil Naadu. I was always fond of her and her family. I HAVE NO HATRED FOR SINHALESE AS FELLOW HUMANS. But politics of post colonial era did not go the way it ought to have gone in a polity of people of bilingual history, two religious identities and both having had strong roots in the overhanging Indian sub continent. In my view, given the sufferings of the Tamils in the past 50 or more years, they do deserve live separately and independently in their historical areas of the island.
    One illustrative experience of mine is that a few years back BBC television telecast a program on sufferings of women in war zones. When the focus in gather program came to war in Northern Tamil Province , it was shown that young girls in Jaffana NOT wearing their traditional mark on their forehead and explained that the absence of the forehead mark was intentional to avoid quick detection by the men of occupation army (SLA). The comments were also said that the Tamil families with young women were required NOT latch up their entry door to facilitate the SLA men to enter and exit in the night after getting satiated of their carnal desire. In the years that have followed the helpless Tamils in the
    War theatres of Thamizh Eezham part of the island have become numb to such cruelties. How canny one with normal feelings force the Eezhamite Tamils to share the same polity in subjugation?
    Thank you Sinvaa for your appreciation and I will be back soon with reply to thiru.

  13. SL 307/6 against India. Jayasuriya 98, Kandamby 91 n.o.

    Kandamby batted like a Trojan on fire at the end, piling up runs faster than I could count!

    Ae' Deshapremi Puthata Jayawewa!

  14. Indian Cricket Team is doing better today in R.Premadasa Stadium. !!!!!!! Go India !!!!!!!

    matthews 6 overs 6 wickets!!

    sooo may instances of BOWLED.

    God Bless you all !!!!

  15. My God, I never knew that you Eelamists were so whiny. I sort of admire the LTTE fighters who put their lives on the line. The rest of you Eelamtards could've fought, but preferred to suck up to the West. Fat lot of good that did!

    Just like a bunch of little girls.

    If you didn't want this to happen, you shouldn't have re-started the war.

  16. we work hard… and this staff is working… SL is going down fast …

  17. Thamil
    Ya, bro well said. SL is making many mistakes now. We are watching you.