Saturday, September 19, 2009

Emerging powers are turning into blood sucking leeches

The so called emerging superpowers are turning themselves into blood sucking leeches. Nobody can deny that these great nations have security concerns and they have to find a way to feed their own people. That doesn’t mean that they have God given right to slaughter the innocents in third world countries by giving support to the brutal regimes.
We teach our children to share everything because it is always a sensible and the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the great powers in the world still haven’t grasped the idea that gold in the lands and oil in the seas can also be shared. One might be able to forgive, when a country steals the resources from another country but it is completely unacceptable when thousands of innocents are sacrificed at the feet of greedy and selfish giants for them to fill their Gold pots.
If my neighbor wants to kill his step children and dump them in his back garden, I wouldn’t give him my shot gun just because he is offering me a free parking space in his garage. I wouldn’t feed my own children with the strawberries growing on the graves of the innocent children. I wouldn’t be going for his barbecue parties. I wouldn’t play golf with such a murderer.
As a sensible human being, I would stop him from abusing his step children in the first place. I would call the police to save lives before it is too late. I would alert all my good neighbors about a tragedy unfolding in front of my own eyes.
What China and some other emerging powers do to the vulnerable people of this world is nothing different from an evil man who give a shot gun to his neighbor in order to get free parking space and strawberries growing on the graves of the dead children.
China supplied weapons and provided training to the fighter pilots in Sudan. China was giving interest free loans while the Sudan government was slaughtering thousands in Darfur. One doesn’t need to be rocket scientist to recognize that China was acting selfishly.
China was complicit in Genocide as Sudan had opened up its oil fields for this sleeping giant. Western countries raised their voices but nothing was done to stop the genocide. As usual, the UN also stood back and remained powerless until everything was over.
What happened in Darfur has now become a standard model for the big beasts to secure their strategic interests in many parts of the world. They try to find trouble spots in this world, identify the abusive strongman who is having an upper hand and make the oppressor happy by giving him the toys and tools that he enjoys the most.
More than fifty thousands innocent Tamil civilians were slaughtered on the sandy beaches and jungles of Sri Lanka with the weapons and unlimited ammunitions supplied by the Chinese government. Three hundred thousands are now locked up in barbed wired concentration camps.
UN and other international organizations have so far failed to break this cycle of crimes being committed by the superpowers in various parts of the world.
“Exploiting someone’s weakness for their own benefit” is a simple phrase to describe the hell going on in Sri Lanka”. This is just like someone purposely creating a virus, spreading it and then selling the vaccines to make money. An internal conflict in Sri Lanka has now been made worse by its greedy neighbors. They are now lining up with spanners and hammers to fix the problems in Sri Lanka.
The way they are trying to fix it, is quite like how any selfish person would approach an issue. A genuine mediator might get bad name from either parties of a conflict by being fair on both sides. This is what happened to the Norwegian mediators in Sri Lanka. But the ones that are now trying to fix Sri Lanka are helping the strong party to the conflict to destroy the weaker one completely.
Cases are sometimes dropped in courts when the victims are dead or nobody is there to defend the victims. Helping Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils with deadly weapons and make them powerless is the strategy now being used by Sri Lanka and its greedy partners to deal with the conflict? Such method can’t be called as conflict resolution but it is an unfair conflict termination by eliminating one party to the conflict. This is almost like injecting poison and killing the patient to free him from sickness. This approach would enable the emerging superpowers to strengthen their ties with Sri Lanka and to carry on with their hidden agendas.
No country is willing to rescue the dying people in Sri Lanka. What is happening to the Tamils in Sri Lanka is not a fairy tale, not a film but it is a real story. They are real people. Cruelty against them is real. Deaths of the thousands are real and the ignorance and arrogance of the mankind are also real.

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