Saturday, September 19, 2009

India and its role in Sri Lankan war

India is a successful democracy with the population of 1.17 billion. So many different races, cultures, colours and religions live relatively peacefully. Most of the ethnic groups have their own States and every State in the country is given a degree of autonomy within this great Nation. People of India are mostly religious, hard working and non violent and they still maintain very strong traditional family values.
India hasn’t got a consistent foreign policy towards Sri Lanka. RAW which is the external intelligent agency in India has done great damage to Sri Lanka particularly to the Tamil community. India can’t be fully blamed for this because the Sri Lankan regimes very often make unpredictable moves therefore India is forced to change its policies.
As any other intelligent agency, RAW has a legitimate responsibility to protect India from its enemies, by being proactive. However, India could have achieved its objectives without helping the Sri Lankan government to slaughter thousands of Tamils.
RAW provided military training to the Tamil rebels in the early eighties in order to challenge the Sri Lankan government that had closed links with the Western Countries including the US. Tamil youth were trained in different groups. RAW was also to some extent be responsible for fuelling enmity and competition between different Tamil organizations.
Contrary to what many people believe, it is Indian’s interest to maintain a troubled Sri Lanka than a peaceful nation for India to spread its wings in the region. Disturbance in Sri Lanka would give an excuse for India to keep its Navy in Sri Lankan waters.
Indian peace keeping forces and Tamil rebels fought an unfortunate war between 1987 and 1989. Around twelve hundreds Indian soldiers lost their lives and many thousands were wounded in Sri Lankan soil. This was a bitter experience for India.
From year 2001 until the start of war in 2007, India kept a distance from Sri Lanka, although activities were going on behind the scenes. India stopped supplying offensive weapons to the Sri Lankan military.
Indian involvement in recent Sri Lankan war was quite controversial. China and Pakistan provided with all the weapons and India provided the intelligence to the ground troops.
India was well capable of stopping the war but it failed to do it even when thousands of innocent men women and children were perishing in Vanni. Some Indian leaders made contradictory statements, pretending like they were after peace while pressing the “Attack” buttons on their remote controls.
India may have its concerns that Sri Lanka might become a launch pad for China and Pakistan in its own backyard. Letting the Tamils to die in the hands of the Sri Lankan forces was not an easy option for India either.
India has no enmity with the Tamils in Sri Lanka but it has made a historical blunder by supporting a corrupt Sri Lankan regime to commit genocide against the Tamils just to satisfy a racist Nation, so that it can secure its interest in the Indian Ocean.
Indian forces are now going to occupy the Vanni region with the excuse of clearing land mines.
Nation of India has unfortunately deviated from its principles and core values, it was originally built upon. India might build rockets to the moon and giant monuments reaching to the skies but India will not succeed if it corrupts its own soul by aiding Genocide in other countries.
India should dream of becoming a superpower not just by wealth and technology but also proving to the world as a defender and guardian of Human rights.
Cries of men, women and children, who died in Vanni, are still echoing in the thundering skies of Vanni. These voices will keep on haunting every Indian because India has blood on its hands.

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