Friday, September 18, 2009

Sri Lankan government shamelessly fleeces kith and kin of IDPs.

Another reason to keep the 300 000 innocent civilians in Sri Lankan concentration camps.

Sri Lankan government shamelessly fleeces kith and kin of IDPs. Family members and kinsfolk of IDPs in the internment camps had remitted 100 million rupees in the past two months, according to I.D. Weerasena, Deputy General Manager of Bank of Ceylon. In the past four to five months, 500 million rupees had been deposited by the IDPs, said Mr. Weerasena, whose state-controlled bank had opened banking units with online and ATM facilities in the internment camps and deals with 21,000 new account holders.

While it is the responsibility of the state and the international community that badly wanted the civilians to end up in the internment camps to look after them well, the Colombo government keeping them in sub-human ways has started looking at them as ducks laying golden eggs, said a social worker in Vavuniyaa.

As state receives foreign exchange through Diaspora remittances and through foreign aid meant for the IDPs, the local money reaches the IDPs is fleeced from them in various ways from business of the southerners to bribery of the military.

The “kind “Sri Lanka Government which let the elderly over 60 years go ? Not until each and every one of them paid exuberant fee.

And the businesses set up inside the concentration camps by Sri Lankan military (don’t forget: bribe, bribe, bribe) are charging astronomical prices for rotten vegetables.

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