Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ACF Massacre

Sri Lanka government commission investigating the massacre of 17 NGO workers (Muttur massacre) has, without sufficient basis, ruled out the involvement of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

It unfairly and dangerously denounced local human rights organizations participating in the commission.

And government authorities improperly pressured the families of the murdered aid workers to demand that France obtain for them greater compensation from Action Contre La Faim (ACF).

The Sri Lankan government's gross mishandling of the investigation into the execution-style slaying of 17 aid workers in the northeastern town of Mutur three years ago demonstrates the need for an international commission of inquiry.

Government actions in the case - for which no one has been convicted - raised further concerns about an already deeply troubling investigation, Human Rights Watch said.

"For three years since the ACF massacre, the Rajapaksa government has put on an elaborate song and dance to bedazzle the international community into believing justice is being done," said James Ross, legal and policy director at Human Rights Watch.

Instead, the government used the atrocity to threaten local rights groups, intimidate the victims' families, and score political points against the French government."


  1. A light note about Sri Lankan Government greed related to massacre of 17 NGO workers, also known as the Muttur massacre, which took place in Trincomalee.

    17employees of the French NGO Action Against Hunger (Action Contre la Faim, or ACF) were shot at close range by Sri Lankan soldiers. As you can guess it, the massacre was immediately blamed on LTTE. However the bullet, which riddled the dead NGO bodies were issued to Sri Lankan Military. Also, there was an eye witness to Muttur massacre

    Recently, Sri Lanka’s “human rights “panel has cleared the army of killing. As you see there is no justice for the slaughtered. To further aggravate the pain and suffering of the bereaved, Sri Lankan government has given them letters to sign seeking more money from Action Against Hunger.

    The authorities deny the letters exist, but the BBC has seen copies of them.

    The relatives of murdered aid workers say they do not want to press for more compensation and sign the government’s letters. “Money will not help us - we cannot get our relatives back anyway “ one family member of the victims said.

    The letters were handed to the victims’ families on 19 July at a government administration office in the eastern town of Trincomalee. They were due to be signed and handed back by Saturday 25 July.

    One letter was addressed to the French ambassador in Sri Lanka: “We the heirs of the deceased are aware of the interest France and the French government has taken in human rights aspects especially in the… commission of inquiry into the killing in Muttur of 17 aid workers.. Therefore we trust that the French government will take necessary steps to oversee the payment of due compensation to the kinsmen/ women of the deceased. “

    A second to the country’s attorney general: “We agree with the findings of the commission that the deaths were caused by the LTTE and the compensation as determined must be paid by ACF,” it said.

    A third letter seen COMMENDED Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa for investigating the killings!!!!!!! “We are extremely grateful to Your Excellency for appointing a commission of inquiry and ensuring that justice prevailed,” the letter said.

    Rajiva Wijesinghe, secretary to the ministry of human rights and disaster management, denied any knowledge of such letters being issued to BBC Sinhala. He added that the compensation paid by ACF “for their own wrongdoing” was inadequate and that ACF had done a “very bad thing.”

    As you see here , the Sri Lanka government greed is rather obvious.

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